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New chemical regulations for the workplace

There’s a new regulation coming into force regarding chemicals in the workplace. But don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any work for you, just your chemical supplier. 

As a user of chemical products such as detergents and disinfectants in the workplace you need to undertake risk assessments under COSHH, train staff and keep records and your supplier should be helping you with all this. That hasn’t changed. What has is the European Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of chemical substances and mixtures regulation, known as CLP. 

This involves more stringent rules for classification of the dangers of chemical products, new or modified safety symbols and some new wording to danger and precautionary statements. All our products have been re-evaluated and reclassified where necessary and all Chemex products manufactured since June 1st 2015 are being supplied with updated labels. 

The products and formulations remain exactly the same. It’s just some labels and data sheets that have changed. 

We have heard tell of some suppliers and manufacturers that are supplying more dilute products to keep them under the threshold but that’s not our style. We will stick to the same quality our customers have relied on for three decades and explain the principal differences:

[list icon=”fa-flask”]CLP rules are much more stringent than the current regulation so unlabelled products may suddenly become labelled[/list][list icon=”fa-flask”]Even if the classification changes, the chemical composition of our products remain the same, the chemicals will be as safe as before and perform as before.[/list][list icon=”fa-flask”]The big change in terms of classification is that the threshold for warning of damage to eyes is far lower – even a shampoo can make your eyes sting and this is now reflected in the safety phrases – we applaud this change as it is well overdue[/list][list icon=”fa-flask”]The 7 well-known orange pictograms are replaced by 9 new safety symbols. [/list]You won’t see too many of these types on Chemex – products but here’s all teh new ones:

[carousel source=”media: 1000062057,1000062058,1000062059,1000062060,1000062061,1000062062,1000062063,1000062064,1000062065″ limit=”9″ link=”none” target=”self” responsive=”yes” items=”5″ scroll=”3″ title=”yes” centered=”yes” pages=”no” autoplay=”3000″ speed=”600″]

We’ve been including these on our safety signs for a while to get customers used to them but if you have any questions regarding CLP (or its big brother, GHS which is coming soon) please contact our Technical Dept or your local Chemex Expert. We’d be delighted to explain further. 





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