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Going to the USA this summer?

If you are visiting America, make sure you only eat deep-fried food. In the last few weeks one person has died and a further 248 remain sick after a Salmonella outbreak in North Carolina – at a restaurant that got a 98% ‘A’ grade in a recent food inspection. The CDC is investigating another, multi-resistant Salmonella outbreak linked to chicks across four states that has left 33 in hospital and may more sick.

But that’s not all. Another restaurant in North Carolina has sickened 96 in a Norovirus outbreak, there’s a foodborne Cyclospora outbreak in Texas and the listeriosis outbreak caused by ice cream shows no sign of abating. You could try Canada instead – just avoid the Salmonella in Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, the E. coli in Alberta and the staph in Roquefort throughout the country.

Want to know more about food safety? You can find out here – and if you want information on foodborne bugs check out our Big Bad Bug Bible.

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