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Chemex products achieve halal status

Chemex International is delighted to announce that the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) has certified that the Chemex food hygiene range is halal and thereby suited for use in businesses preparing food under Islamic dietary guidelines. Chemex MD Mike Graham said “We’re pleased to achieve this distinction and HMC’s certification acknowledges our food safety products as conforming to the halal dietary and contact standards for the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.”

Although halal is a universal concept applied to all facets of Islamic life, halal certification is compliance of consumables meant for use by Muslims. Halal certification is granted only when a product demonstrates alignment with Islamic guidelines. Restrictions include prohibition against contact with pork (and its by-products), alcohol, intoxicants, as well as animals not slaughtered according to halal methods. Additionally, halal products must not be processed in a manner that allows contamination with any prohibited items.

Chemex food safety products are trusted by food businesses around the world and its flagship product, FAD, has now been confirmed as being free from non-permissible (haram) or questionable (mashbooh) ingredients, as have its other products used in food businesses including Optimum C, Bacteria X, Machine Wash, Smokeclean, Bacticlean and Powerkleen.

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