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Food inspectors target dead insects in drinks

Recent food hygiene inspections of bars using ‘open top’ pourers revealed dead ants, flies and other insects in every bottle checked. One bar was forced to dispose of 23 contaminated bottles and this issue is now becoming a focus for enforcement officers. 

Now that more and more bars and clubs use ‘speedrails’ and open top pourers on bottles (rather than traditional optics) to dispense drinks, cases of insect contamination are rising. As will enforcement action – which can range from voluntary disposal and a written warning to harsher measures. 

The contaminated drinks found to date have included spirit drinks of all varieties – particularly the sugary ones –  but also juices used for cocktails. Contamination is easy to check for in clear drinks but darker coloured drinks may need to be sieved. 

The Problem

Many insects are attracted to the smell of alcohol and the flavour chemicals (esters) found in a wide variety of drinks and juices. One of the most common is the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. These lay their eggs in fruit and other food matter and once they’re in a premises they are a nightmare to shift – you can kill the adults but as larvae hatch they keep coming back. 

The Solution

[list icon=”fa-bug”]Physical: Ball bearing style Spirit Measuring Instruments can make the entry of insects less likely because these devices are not as accessible as the traditional wide-open bottle top pourers – but insects can still get in. Fit flip lids or sheaths too. [/list]

[list icon=”fa-bug”]Minimise Resources: Reduce food and water residue on your bar by keeping it super clean and tidy and check bottles / containers are sealed properly at the end of service, and pay attention to anywhere insects can lay eggs. [/list]

[list icon=”fa-bug”]Rubbish: This is where fruit flies lay their eggs – keep on top of it and bag / seal it properly. [/list]

[list icon=”fa-bug”]Liquids: Make sure everywhere is kept dry with no standing liquids, especially from drinks. Beer mats and drip trays especially. Clean and dry nightly. [/list]

Also pay attention to your drains: they are full of organic matter so a good biological drain management system can limit buildup of the sorts of soils insects and other pests love to eat. Contact us for more details and a free survey. 


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