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[heading style=”with-border” class=”heading-border” size=”22″ align=”left” margin=”30″]About Chemex[/heading]Chemex is a leading manufacturer and innovator of cleaning, hygiene and infection control systems and products. You can find out more about us, our values and our heritage below, and via the links on the right.[spacer size=”10″][heading style=”with-border” align=”left” size=”20″ margin=”20″]Knowledge and Expertise[/heading] Since our creation nearly thirty years ago, Chemex has shown a passion for creating high quality cleaning and hygiene products through a customer-focused approach – as well as delivering outstanding value for money.

The quality of our customer base – from Michelin star restaurants to world class retail operations to NHS Trusts – are testimony to the excellence of our range and the value we add to our clients’ businesses. Our reach may be global but it’s our focus on each individual customer that keeps us there. [spacer size=”10″] [spoiler title=”The Chemex Difference” icon=”fa-info-circle”]Chemex has brought a unique methodology to hygiene, cleaning and infection control supply.

Operating a network of local, expert, owner operators sharing a common goal to provide high quality products with a standard of service unmatched in the industry. People you can trust to help maintain your reputation, understand your business and supply a common-sense approach for your hygiene needs.

Our service enables you to take what you need when you need it. No more waiting weeks for deliveries, inconvenient minimum order quantities or cupboards full of stock![/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Innovation” icon=”fa-info-circle”]The hygiene chemical industry is not noted for cutting edge innovation, but we didn’t know that and so we just got on with it. Chemex has provided innovation, expertise and market leading products for every type of industry throughout the UK and beyond for three decades. [list icon=”fa-lightbulb-o”]Our biological products use nature’s technology rather than harsh chemicals and perform tasks traditional products can’t[/list][list icon=”fa-lightbulb-o”]Our drive to continually improve won us the prestigious bfa/HSBC Award for Innovation in 2014 beating global companies that may dwarf us in size but not in ingenuity or innovation.[/list][list icon=”fa-lightbulb-o”]We are one of the leading mobile distribution companies in Europe with operations in Europe, Scandinavia and North America in addition to our 60 UK branches. [/list][list icon=”fa-lightbulb-o”]Whether it’s infection control, entire hygiene systems for food prep or large scale laundry or dish wash systems we have the products and expertise to assure your peace of mind. [/list]

Bringing sound hygiene practices to a food preparation area or creating unique bacteria to eat fats, oils and greases you can trust Chemex to create the results you need.[/spoiler][spacer size=”10″][heading style=”with-border” align=”left” size=”20″ margin=”20″]Environmental Responsibility[/heading]Sustainable resources. Minimal waste. Dramatic reduction in carbon footprint. That’s the Chemex difference. [spacer size=”20″][spoiler title=”Responsibility” icon=”fa-info-circle”]While chemicals in plastic bottles may not be considered the most environmentally-friendly products on the planet, the Chemex system does offer some key environmental benefits not shared by our competitors – even when compared with those products which claim to be completely ‘green’.

Products which make such claims usually do not stand up to close scrutiny. They are often very dilute and so transporting them adds hugely to their carbon footprint. And often the packaging is thrown away to landfill rather than refilled.

When you examine closely the claims that such products make they often only talk about sustainability. We can make precisely those same claims – and more. Being environmentally friendly is about more than just the composition of cleaning products. We supply high performance, concentrated products that are automatically diluted on customers’ premises.

That means we aren’t transporting water – saving millions of truck journey miles a year. It also means plastic trigger bottles are refilled and re-used rather than going to landfill. We pass that saving on to our customers. [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Sustainable and Efficient” icon=”fa-info-circle”]Chemex products have been designed for maximum cleaning efficiency and economy while using ingredients which are sustainable, biodegradable or environmentally neutral. So we save labour time for our customers while doing our bit for the environment.

Achieving the optimum balance of cleaning performance and environment friendliness takes a great deal of skill in product design and formulation – our customers expect Chemex products to perform but they also expect products which are safe and environmentally responsible. Our products contain sustainable, naturally-derived ingredients such as soya or pine extracts rather than ingredients derived from oil or coal.

A few products which are made from natural ingredients are not as readily biodegradable – principally natural perfumes which are oils and so do not dissolve. This makes biodegradation more difficult but fragrances are used in miniscule quantities.

Our detergent ingredients are made from natural raw materials such as soya or coconut or sugar beet and these will be readily biodegradable. [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Cost in Use” icon=”fa-info-circle”]Supplying super-concentrates to be automatically diluted on site offers huge savings – filling a trigger bottle costs pence rather than pounds.

But probably the most important phase in the life cycle of a cleaning product is the ‘in use’ stage. This is generally where most energy and water is used and where the carbon footprint is most evident. This is where our formulation expertise comes into its own; we formulate based on the entire energy footprint of a process and reduce the amount of energy needing to be put in to in a cleaning task.

An example of this would be the automatic dishwashing process. Here, the carbon footprint due to the energy, water and transport used in manufacture and distribution of the detergent product is dwarfed by the amount of energy and water used during the use phase of the product life. Large amounts of water for dilution and large amounts of energy to heat cleaning solutions and large amounts of energy for drying crockery mean that the end user of the product has the greatest responsibility and the most scope for improvement.

The automatic dishwashing process is an example of a high energy / high water process. Other cleaning processes are less extreme but the ‘in use’ stage of the product life cycle generally offers the most scope for reduction of carbon footprint. [/spoiler][spoiler title=”Safety” icon=”fa-info-circle”]A separate issue is the safety of cleaning products to the people who use them. Some Chemex products in their concentrated form will be classified as Corrosive, for instance. This does not necessarily mean that they are harmful to the environment. When diluted for use and sometimes followed by further rinsing they do not cause any problems when discharged to the foul sewer. The end result is harmless salts or environmentally inert materials.

Note that Corrosive, Flammable, Harmful and Irritant symbols and risk phrases which appear on some product labels are in connection with Health and Safety of the people who use them. They are not connected to environmental ‘friendliness’.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=” More…” icon=”fa-info-circle”]You can find out more about how we formulate our products in our quest to be the World’s most environmentally-responsible chemical company here. [/spoiler]

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[service style=”style-2″ title=”Overview” icon=”fa-eye” bg_color=”#007345″ size=”25″]Our history, knowledge and expertise – and why our customers love us.[/service]

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[service style=”style-2″ ” title=”Why Chemex?” icon=”fa-question” bg_color=”#00A161″ size=”25″]The Chemex Difference – amazing products, a great service and award-winning innovation.[/service]

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[service style=”style-2″ title=”Markets” icon=”fa-shopping-cart” bg_color=”#009999″ size=”25″]We work alongside clients from many sectors. See the principal sectors here.[/service]

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[service style=”style-2″ ” title=”Environment” icon=”fa-leaf” bg_color=”#00CF7C” size=”25″]Why Chemex is the most sustainable and environmentally-responsible option.[/service]

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