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Our Environmental Credentials

We believe our route to market is as green as it gets. And our customers agree. We source sustainable or environmentally-neutral raw materials and we distribute the finished products as super-concentrates to minimise carbon footprint and waste. But that’s only part of it…

We supply most of our products as super-concentrates which are diluted automatically on customers’ premises. This means less plastic, fewer truck journey miles, trigger bottles being recycled – this all saves cost as well as the environment. Our products are manufactured from sustainable materials. We lead the market in using natural, biological cleaning agents in preference to traditional chemicals. But that’s not all…

Natural Ingredients
Where possible Chemex products contain natural ingredients which are derived from plants. However, optimum cleaning performance sometimes dictates the use of ‘performance chemicals’ which are not naturally derived but these ingredients are still biodegradable.
All our surfactants comply with the Detergents Regulation (2004/648/EC) with regard to biodegradability
All non-surface active organic ingredients used are also biodegradable
Our product ingredients do not have any issues under the European Commission’s ‘Green Public Procurement’ (GPP) initiative
Chemex products are never tested using animals. (But we might test them on vegans. Just kidding. Honest).

It should be noted that cleaning products which are based on natural ingredients (such as seaweed or sugar derivatives, for example) still need to be disposed of by users responsibly. Waste cleaning solutions need to be routed to the foul sewer – even though they are fully biodegradable. They should not be allowed to get onto the land or into waterways because the biodegradation process has an oxygen demand which will deoxygenate water and could cause suffocation of aquatic life.

The place for biodegradation to occur is in the foul sewer or septic tank. We formulate our products in an environmentally-responsible way – but you need to dispose of used cleaning solutions responsibly too.

Concentrated Products
Contain less water, therefore, reduced transport volume, reduced carbon footprint and reduced cost. Also reduced packaging per performance unit of product.
One of the differences between some surfactants and natural soaps is that those surfactants are not biodegradable. This led in the past to problems of excessive and persistent foam on rivers and waterways.

We overcome this problem by using surfactants that are biologically ‘soft’ or biodegradable. The surface active properties of a surfactant and its subsequent foaming characteristics depend on the surfactant molecules having a long chain of linked atoms in their structure. A biodegradable surfactant is capable of being broken down by bacteria, which actually feed on the surfactant. The long chains are disrupted and the material loses both its surface active and foaming properties.

Biological Products
We now rely more and more on biologically active cleaning products – based on bacteria which can digest dirt and grease and which can be damp mopped or wiped onto hard surfaces. The bacteria produce natural biomolecules to digest soils.
Performance and Economy
We do not compromise on performance. Labour is always the biggest cost in any cleaning task so compromising on product efficiency is a false economy. Chemex products contain alkali builders where appropriate and acidic compounds where necessary to achieve optimum cleaning performance. None of the ingredients cause any issues when the used cleaning solutions are flushed away to the drain.

The organic ingredients are biodegradable and the inorganic ingredients become environmentally inert during use and pH on dilution is acceptable for disposal to drains.

These are required on labels for certain products. Most Chemex products are highly concentrated and some concentrates will be required to be labelled as ‘Irritant’ or even ‘Corrosive’. We could make them non-irritant and non-corrosive simply by making them less concentrated but we do not compromise on quality or performance.

The Chemex policy is to supply concentrated products. Products at ‘in use’ dilutions are not hazardous according to the labelling regulations. Dosing and dilution systems minimise the risk of direct contact with the concentrated products. Chemex does not supply products (even concentrates) which are labelled with the dead fish / dead tree symbol or which carry risk phrases hazardous to the environment.

Refillable trigger sprayers used with diluted super-concentrates means less packaging for the concentrate and trigger sprayers are not thrown away. Chemex products are manufactured in the UK to assure quality and no carbon miles for long distance imports.

Customers serviced by our own fleet of trucks with state of the art route planning for maximum efficiency, plus the use of super-concentrates means we save several million truck journey miles per year. Clear instructions for use plus our training packages are designed to minimise usage, have less effect on environment, reduce our carbon footprint and give customers better economy.

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