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Markets Served

Chemex provides class-leading products and legendary service to just about every market imaginable; whether your need is general or specialist, mass-market or niche we will have the right range of products for you. And if we don’t have it off the shelf we’ll formulate it to order so it precisely matches your needs. We don’t believe in getting it there or thereabouts, we want it to be perfect. We take time to understand a customer’s precise needs then we design a precise answer.

Main Customer Groups

Food and Hospitality
Chemex and Food Businesses

Chemex leads the market in food and hospitality hygiene. From the smallest café to Michelin stars with world-wide reputations, our products and systems give thousands of businesses peace of mind that their operations are safe and efficient – which saves them time and money. But truly successful hospitality operations understand that their customers don’t just judge them on the standard of the food. While ensuring your hygiene complies to BS1276 and BS13697 is vital, what about the overall customer experience? You might never have had a food hygiene issue but what if your loos or drains smell? This all adds to (or detracts from) your customers’ perception of their visit. And whether they choose to visit again or recommend you to friends.
Raising Standards

At Chemex we look at the bigger picture. By understanding what’s important to your business we can help you keep back of house safe and slick while making sure front of house creates the right impression to your customers each and every time. Failing to meet cleaning and hygiene standards is the last thing you need slowing down your operations or – worse – damaging your reputation. Chemex can help make sure this doesn’t happen. The Internet makes it far easier for potential customers to find out about you – which can cost you business if your reputation isn’t spotless. Or your premises. Did you get top marks in your last inspection? We can help you get there. The Chemex Hygiene Control Programme will systematise your cleaning and hygiene systems as well as giving you the benefits of using first class products. But that’s not all:
Help you meet regulations by compiling a bespoke Hygiene Control Programme
Help you with inventory management – so that you aren’t unnecessarily tying up cash in cleaning chemicals
Help you benefit from our three decades’ experience in the cleaning and hygiene products
Help up-skill your staff by your staff in the effective use of our products as well as H&S and COSHH-related training
Help make you more efficient by supplying you with free-on-loan dosing and dilution systems plus dispensers, paper, napkins, ancillaries and other consumables.
Healthcare and Infection Control

Chemex offers a wide range of cleaning and sanitising agents which are widely used in the healthcare sector to provide effective protection – greater than log 5 – against infections such as MRSA and C. diff. No matter what the pathogen, we can kill it – products with proven kill rates against viruses such as Polio, Norovirus, Hepatitis, HIV, SARS and Avian Flu (H5N1), bacteria such as C. diff, Listeria, Legionella, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus and fungi including Aspergillus and Candida. But it’s more than just products. Our unique approach to giving complete peace of mind includes effective staff training which complements our market-leading products and systems. Bespoke cleaning and hygiene control programmes are set up and your staff are trained to follow them correctly and safely. This ensures the effective use of products to maintain a clean, safe environment.
Regulation 12 / ‘Outcome 8’

CQC Outcome 8 may be on its way out but Regulation 12 is still there – it’s just the style of inspections that’s changing. Our unique compliance tools in conjunction with proven products and systems ensure your service users and staff are in a hygienic environment and are protected from acquiring infections – but also give you the peace of mind that when an inspector calls you can demonstrate best practice and pass with flying colours.

We work with multiple NHS ambulance trusts, private operators of all sizes as well as deep clean and make ready contractors and our products can be found on many UK ambulances. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector and our compliance and training tools – as well as our products – are the acknowledged leaders for ambulance hygiene and infection control. They are in daily use on many different vehicles: CAT A, bariatric, paediatric, neurological and other specialist HDUs as well as thousands of NEPTS vehicles.
Leisure and FM
Leisure and Facilities

Whether your particular cleaning requirement covers poolside, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, gymnasium, changing rooms or shower rooms, Chemex has a cleaning and hygiene solution for you. Our range has been specifically formulated to prevent the transmission of infection and maximise the level of visitor satisfaction by eradicating body fats, lime scale and the resulting bad odours. We also have market leading biological products for fat, oil and grease removal and waterless urinal systems that could cut thousands a year off your water bills. Chemex can help provide a reduction in labour costs by introducing more effective hygiene products and protocols including free scheduled on site staff training covering effective use of supplied products, efficient cleaning methods and COSHH/Health and Safety related to products supplied. We will train your cleaning staff how to use our chemicals, free of charge, as part of our exemplary service; delivering a safer environment for them and peace of mind for you.
Schools and Universities

Looking after your school’s reputation is one of the most important aspects of running it. While you are ensuring the highest standards in developing students’ full potential our products will provide a clean and safe learning environment. With products and systems catered for dining, general housekeeping products and laundry, Chemex will work with you so that you can concentrate on running the kind of establishment that students and parents alike recognize as first class. We are experts in providing highly effective but safe products and our environmental credentials are the best in the business.
Garage and Transport

Chemex has worked with the transport industry over three decades to develop a comprehensive range of products making vehicle cleaning more cost-effective, safer, simpler and, with the latest products in the range, more environmentally responsible. There is an increasing awareness and demand for increased quality among consumers and Chemex believes that this can be achieved by recognising that service is a key factor in ensuring success. Our aim is to ensure that your organisation is well positioned to maintain high levels of quality and service that meet, and hopefully exceed, your customer’s expectations.
High Performance Products

From trucks to trains, we offer one of the most comprehensive quality ranges in the marketplace, with products to suit your individual requirements, whatever your budget! Safe to handle and easy-to-use, our products have been designed to tackle any surface from the very dirty to the very delicate. In garage workshops and engineering plants, there is constant demand for tough, effective cleaning materials that cut through grease, oil and corrosion; and for those who work in such environments, gentle yet powerful protection for hands. We offer expert advice on all aspects of vehicle cleaning and even provide product and COSHH awareness training for your staff, all part of the service. In addition, we supply equipment for manual and automatic operation, including foam application, surface preparation and product dilution. Chemex can assist you in maximising customer safety, reducing cross contamination and improving your corporate image. Internally, it can assist to ensure employee safety throughout your organisation, in addition to providing you with cost savings – both in terms of product and staff time. Call us today to see where Chemex can add value to your business by implementing cost-effective solutions that maximise fleet investment, enhancing corporate image and increasing efficiency.
Construction and Engineering
Get the job done one time…

Decades working with the construction and engineering industries has taught us that it isn’t just about providing market-leading products. As it becomes ever more crucial to complete the job on time, you need the right solutions at the right moment. We can supply just about any quantity you need either as a concentrate or ready-to-use and our network of specialists can give you the fast and flexible response that you need. We also provide all the COSHH and health and safety data you require, and we can train your staff or contractors in the safe application of products.

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