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UK restaurant fined £5,000 for filthy conditions

The owner of a Chinese restaurant in Leeds city centre has been fined for filthy kitchen conditions. Lai Hong Cheong, director of OBM on New York Street, pleaded guilty to five food hygiene offences at Leeds Magistrates Court earlier this week. She was ordered to pay £5,000 after the court heard the restaurant had posed [...]

February 15th, 2016|Food, Health, News|Comments Off on UK restaurant fined £5,000 for filthy conditions

Chemex products achieve halal status

Chemex International is delighted to announce that the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) has certified that the Chemex food hygiene range is halal and thereby suited for use in businesses preparing food under Islamic dietary guidelines. Chemex MD Mike Graham said “We’re pleased to achieve this distinction and HMC’s certification acknowledges our food safety products as conforming to the halal dietary and contact [...]

February 11th, 2016|News|0 Comments

UK restauranteur jailed over food hygiene

The owner of a restaurant that was so filthy a food safety officer said it was "one of the worst cases he has seen in more than 20 years" has been jailed.Alomigir Qureshi, 47, was also sentenced for employing an illegal immigrant at his Chai Wallah restaurant on Yarm High Street and for breaching a [...]

February 8th, 2016|News|Comments Off on UK restauranteur jailed over food hygiene

More proof norovirus lasts in poop…

The noroviruses are the leading cause of viral gastroenteritis worldwide and despite many studies showing victims remain 'stool-positive' for weeks after getting better the advice is still "48 or 72 hours symptom-free and you're safe". In this latest study the Oregon Department of Public Health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed 10 selected norovirus outbreaks from [...]

January 10th, 2016|Infection, News|Comments Off on More proof norovirus lasts in poop…

FSA duck advice is quackers…

Is duck safe when cooked medium-rare? Not according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) it isn’t. As the FSA continues to focus on Campylobacter – the UK’s leading bacterial cause of food poisoning – last week they reiterated their advice that all poultry should be cooked through, and even duck cannot be safely eaten medium-rare. Recent studies have [...]

H7N7 avian flu returns to UK

DEFRA announced an outbreak of Avian Flu north-east of Preston on Friday and have just confirmed the strain is a highly-pathogenic H7N7. We saw an outbreak in February this year of a low-path H7N7 avian influenza in Hampshire but this new outbreak is far more serious - for birds. The risk of it causing human disease is incredibly low. In [...]

New chemical regulations for the workplace

There's a new regulation coming into force regarding chemicals in the workplace. But don't worry, it doesn't involve any work for you, just your chemical supplier. As a user of chemical products such as detergents and disinfectants in the workplace you need to undertake risk assessments under COSHH, train staff and keep records and your supplier [...]

July 8th, 2015|News|0 Comments

Going to the USA this summer?

If you are visiting America, make sure you only eat deep-fried food. In the last few weeks one person has died and a further 248 remain sick after a Salmonella outbreak in North Carolina - at a restaurant that got a 98% 'A' grade in a recent food inspection. The CDC is investigating another, multi-resistant Salmonella outbreak [...]

Wet wipes spread superbugs, new study shows

Detergent wet wipes used to clean hospital wards are helping spread deadly superbugs, a new study has revealed. The study discovered that not only were all the wipes tested incredibly poor at removing dangerous pathogenic bacteria, but also that in ‘every instance’ the wet wipes actually spread the superbugs from one surface to another. The [...]

More norovirus: 100 sick on cruise ship. Again.

At least 100 people are sick with vomiting and diarrhoea on Celebrity Cruises vessel Celebrity Infinity. This is not a ship with a good track record in this regard: outbreaks of gastrointestinal sickness also occurred on Celebrity Infinity in 2013 and 2006. This is the fourth outbreak of sickness this year on cruise ships stopping in the USA: the [...]

April 13th, 2015|Food, Health, News|Comments Off on More norovirus: 100 sick on cruise ship. Again.