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The friendly bacteria that love the cleaning jobs you hate!

Chemex biological products contain billions of naturally-occurring, ‘friendly’ bacteria which clean away soils by eating dirt.

At Chemex we are experts at protecting us from bad bacteria – the ones that can seriously affect our health or cause bad odours – and using the good ones to keep everything clean.

Don’t forget that not all bacteria are bad. Many of them are positively beneficial – they help us digest our food and are literally everywhere. In one teaspoon of soil from the garden, you will find at least a billion of them. You have to look quite hard, though – they are very small. And there are about ten times as many bacteria on your body and in your digestive tract as there are cells in your body.

Bacteria make up about half of the Earth’s biomass – and you can’t even see them!

Our friendly bacteria literally ‘eat’ dirt and keep on eating the dirt for as long as it’s there to eat. They keep working long after you’ve put the mop or cloth away.

We also use our friendly bacteria in drains to shift grease and get rid of bad odours so you can avoid expensive blockages.

Chemex biological products contain a combination of natural cleaning agents and billions of friendly bacteria. You just spray Chemzyme on to the surface just as you would any other cleaner and wipe it off. A layer of friendly bacteria is left behind and keep eating any invisible dirt.

Chemex – Harnessing nature’s technology