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We’ve only got one planet. Here’s what we’re doing to help.


Sustainable resources. Minimal waste. Dramatic reduction in carbon footprint. That’s the Chemex difference. We also lead the market in using natural, biological agents that give incredible cleaning results as well as being completely ‘green’.

You might think chemicals in plastic bottles aren’t the most environmentally-friendly products on the planet, but the Chemex system offers some key environmental benefits not shared by our competitors.

Environmental Responsibility

How 'green' are your cleaning chemicals?
Do their environmental credentials stand up to scrutiny?

The Chemex Difference

Many products making environmental claims usually do not stand up to close scrutiny. They are often very dilute and so transporting them adds hugely to their carbon footprint. And often the packaging is thrown away to landfill rather than refilled. We supply high performance, concentrated products that are automatically diluted on customers’ premises.

That means we aren’t transporting water – saving millions of truck journey miles a year. It also means plastic trigger bottles are refilled and re-used rather than going to landfill. We pass that saving on to our customers.

Sustainable and Efficient

What's the real cost in use for your cleaning chemicals?
What's the labour cost - and what's the environmental cost?

The Chemex Difference

Chemex products have been designed for maximum cleaning efficiency and economy while using ingredients which are sustainable, biodegradable or environmentally neutral. So we save labour time for our customers while doing our bit for the environment.

Achieving the optimum balance of cleaning performance and environment friendliness takes a great deal of skill in product design and formulation – our customers expect Chemex products to perform but they also expect products which are safe and environmentally responsible. Our products contain sustainable, naturally-derived ingredients rather than those derived from oil or coal.

What's Your 'Cost In Use'?

It's not all about the cost per litre.
It's the cost of the whole process.

The Chemex Difference

Supplying super-concentrates to be automatically diluted on site offers huge savings – filling a trigger bottle costs pence rather than pounds.

But probably the most important phase in the life cycle of a cleaning product is the ‘in use’ stage. This is generally where most energy and water is used and where the carbon footprint is most evident. This is where our formulation expertise comes into its own; we formulate based on the entire energy footprint of a process and reduce the amount of energy needing to be put in to in a cleaning task.


How safe are your chemicals?And what do those safety symbols mean for the environment?

The Chemex Difference

Some Chemex products in their concentrated form will be classified as Corrosive, for instance. This does not necessarily mean that they are harmful to the environment; when diluted for use they do not cause any problems when discharged to the foul sewer. The end result is harmless salts or environmentally inert materials.

Note that Corrosive, Flammable, Harmful and Irritant symbols and risk phrases which appear on some product labels are in connection with Health and Safety of the people who use them. They are not connected to environmental ‘friendliness’.