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The Chemex KnowledgeBase

With three decades’ experience in formulating market-leading  cleaning, hygiene and infection control chemicals we should know our stuff. Our expertise in critical infection control and food hygiene – and many other market sectors – means we’ve built up a huge library of data on bugs and how to kill them (and how to use them to perform cleaning tasks!) as well as all manner of cleaning and hygiene facts. So we thought we’d share it out.

We’re starting with our technical resources on different germs and what to do with them. We’re also planning to keep you up to date with developments in hygiene, infection control, the law surrounding them and anything else we think might interest you.  We’ve also put a link in to our Chief Scientist’s Not So Secret Science Blog. Please feel free to browse the resources. It’s all free. And come back often as we are constantly adding Knowledge.

Knowledge isn’t power, it’s to be shared

We believe the knowledge we’ve gained is important and should be shared so everyone can benefit. So that’s precisely what we’re doing. We’re putting our database online and making it available to future customers as well as current ones. Or even people not in the industry who want honest data and facts (we’re geeks – we love our data) without pseudoscience, spin or scare stories. If you want to take advantage of our training courses you are very, very welcome – but to do that and take the exams you will need to register. It’s still free. And we’ll never give away your data but we might send you a newsletter every few months.

Chemex KnowledgeBase
Information you can trust, always available when you need it most

Big Bad Bug Bible
Guide to foodborne and other pathogens and how to get rid of them.

Food Law / Practice
Food and hygiene law, regulation and procedures

Our take on what’s going on plus news on food, science, health plus food alerts.

Science Blog
Our lead scientist writes a popular and widely-quoted science blog. Opinions stated are his own!