Our Policy

The Board of Directors and Senior Management at Chemex International Limited are committed to ensuring that the product and services provided are of the highest quality. Through the establishment of the Company’s Quality Policy the business strives to ensure that our product, service and delivery mechanisms achieve high levels of consistency for our partners and customers alike.
This will be achieved through our teams commitment to upholding the quality objectives of the business:
·       Seek to improve upon our high-quality products at all times
·       Constant review of our partner and customers’ expectations
·       Ensure services are based on delivering “added value” for our customers

Maintaining the Company’s focus upon its quality systems will enable the business to meet the demands and needs of our partners and customers both in the short and long term. Enhanced communication, service and product will enable Chemex to develop and grow.

To this aim the Company maintains a recognised Quality Assurance System to the standards of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015
Michael Graham
Managing Director