Food allergy? Cure it with bacteria.

Countless microorganisms live in your intestinal tract. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now shown that intestinal bacteria also play a role in determining the strength of serious allergic reactions to foods. The human microbiota - or the entirety of bacteria which live in and on you - has a complex influence on health. Even how you [...]

September 12th, 2016|Food, Health, News|0 Comments

Electronic bacteria sensor could be used for food safety

An electronic sensor that can be used to quickly detect and classify bacteria for diagnostic and food safety has passed a key hurdle by distinguishing between dead and living bacterial cells. Conventional lab techniques need samples be cultured for hours or days to grow enough of the bacteria for identification and analysis. This new approach might be used to create [...]

June 20th, 2016|News|0 Comments