FSA duck advice is quackers…

Is duck safe when cooked medium-rare? Not according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) it isn’t. As the FSA continues to focus on Campylobacter – the UK’s leading bacterial cause of food poisoning – last week they reiterated their advice that all poultry should be cooked through, and even duck cannot be safely eaten medium-rare. Recent studies have [...]

Free Campylobacter webinar, Weds 18th March

Tomorrow the Food Standards Agency is joining forces with the Meat Trades Journal (MTJ) to run a webinar on beating Campylobacter - the UK's most common bacterial cause of food poisoning. Campy is serious - it causes about 300,000 cases per year. MTJ Editor, Ed Bedington, will be chairing the session with presentations by Steve Wearne, [...]

March 17th, 2015|Food, Health|0 Comments