Diseases spreading with global warming

Our lead scientist is also writes the 'Hygiene Mythbuster' column for Cleaning Matters magazine. In this article he takes a look at how global warming will bring diseases like dengue fever and malaria to our shores...Infections and how they spread is a gruesomely fascinating subject.For example, the Black Death escaped Asia in the mid-1300s for Europe [...]

BREXIT: Migrants mean Zika outbreaks in Europe this summer?

In the week Nigel Farage suggested the demise of the UK pharmaceutical industry might be a good thing because it would "help the 'good people' in the alternative medicine industry", it has been announced we are likely to see Zika in Europe this summer. Surprisingly it isn't the scientifically and medically-illiterate Mr Farage making this claim, it's proper science from [...]

June 13th, 2016|News|0 Comments